Shipping is slow during the months of Sivan & Tammuz

Tevet 5784


The poster for the month of Tevet 5784 features a collage depicting the Midrashic story of the leviathan arising from the sea and roaring at the sun on Tekufah Tevet (Winter Solstice). The essay is about what we might learn from the leviathan’s act to restore a balance of power between the “small” and the “great.” Today, on this solstice, I imagine leviathan roaring mightily at the sun low in a moody sky over wintery waters so that we might stand boldly against those who perceive themselves to be greater than us in the coming year.

This is the first in the 3rd cycle of the JZA poster series, which will feature new artists and writers this year. If you would like to submit artwork or an essay email [email protected] with a pitch and the subject line “5784 poster pitch.”

The poster is risograph printed with two-tones of ink at spina/novoa in Tucson on 11x17 French Paper. It will ship after January 1, 2024. Proceeds go towards the costs of running the Jewish Zine Archive and supporting the Blacklidge Community Collective, an autonomous community center where JZA is housed alongside various mutual aid projects and revolutionary experiments.