Tears & Prayer Poster/Zine

Tears & Prayer Poster/Zine


Pesach is coming! And so is the poster/zine for the month of Nissan! πŸŒΏπŸ’§βœ‘οΈ

This months poster focuses on the connection between tears, prayer, and the women, queer and trans folks, & others who prayed Thkines (Yiddish: spontaneous prayers) and offered tears as prayer. It will also come with a short letter about how tears might play a bigger role at this years Seder than just a quick dip of the Karpas in the salt water.

The text in the zine is authored by R' Noam Lerman and the artwork is by Chava Shapiro.

The full poster has the words of a thkine at the bottom written in Yiddish script.

The posters are risograph printed by @spinanovoa on @frenchpaperco

All proceeds from the posters goes to benefit the BCC in Tucson, Arizona - a space for experimental autonomy, mutual aid, and community driven projects, where the Jewish Zine Archive is housed.

You can purchase one or subscribe to our CZA (community supported zines) and receive a new poster every month along with a mini zine and free shipping!