Adar: Sabbatai Tsvi "Strange Acts"

Adar: Sabbatai Tsvi "Strange Acts"


The 15th poster/zine in our monthly series!

"Strange Acts: Sabbatai Tsvi and Thoughts on Liberation"

Sabbatai Tsvi was a so-called "false Messiah" who lived in the Ottoman Empire in the 1600's. He was known to engage is "strange acts," that turned Torah and halacha on their head. Two of those acts are depicted on this month's poster/zine; pushing a fish dressed as a baby in a stroller while declaring that redemption would arrive under the sign of pisces (the symbol for the month of Adar) and marrying the Torah.

The essay within shares some reflections on these strange acts, what redemption or liberation might could look like, and how messianism provides a vital perspective of futurity. Immense credit must be given to Gershom Scholem (z"l), Raising the Sparks, and to the hosts of the Xai, How Are You? podcast.

The design features a two-tone print in yellow and orange. Each zine folds out into a 11x17 poster.

This zine is risograph printed by Spina/Novoa in Tucson, AZ. The zine is on a single sheet of 11x17 French paper.

All poster proceeds go towards the Blacklidge Community Collective, the community space where the Jewish Zine Archive is housed.

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