Sivan 5783

Sivan 5783


This months poster is inspired by my own Talmud studies with SVARA, a radically traditional queer yeshiva, and the writings of Daniel Boyarin. And honestly countless generations of Jews who made Jerusalem real in the places they dwelled through their connection to text, to minhag (culture), and a dedication to a spiritual honing that only diaspora can cultivate.

The quote on the front of the poster is from Rabbi Shmuel ha'Nagid who dwelled in diaspora in Spain during the 11th century. Shmuel ha'Nagid actively sought to assert an independence from the Babylonian geonim by writing independently on halakha for his community. I was introduced to him by way of Daniel Boyarin's "A Traveling Homeland: The Babylonian Talmud as Diaspora."

It is risograph printed on a beautifully textured paper in the unexpected mini-monsoon season by @spinanovoa

Gratitude to my teacher Laynie Solomon, you forever challenge, excite, and inspire me. Thank you for always correcting my shaky vocalizations in shiur with such simcha and chesed.

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