Tishrei: Fortune Fish

Tishrei: Fortune Fish

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Remember fortune telling miracle fish? Like from birthday goodie bags? Okay. But, make it Rosh Hashana! Every poster comes with a fortune fish for you to use.

There is a tradition called simanim, which means "signs" in Hebrew, where you eat symbolic foods and recite a heartfelt blessing asking that it be the will of Hashem. One of those symbolic foods makes an appearance twice at most simanim seders: FISH!

The blessing for fish heads is is featured on this month's poster is "may we be heads, not tails," meaning that in the new year we should be leaders and not simply followers.

Taking simanim and the fortune fish and putting them together, this month's poster is both playful and an invitation to the practice of bringing intentions to our year.

The poster/zine is printed on 11x17 French paper at Spina Novoa. The illustration is by Chava Shapiro.

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