Emma in Sivan Poster/Zine

Emma in Sivan Poster/Zine


The seventh in our monthly zine & fold-out poster series features a paper cut collage of archival materials from the Emma Goldman collection at UC Berkeley. The abstract shapes are created from a letter she wrote to a friend. The quote is from a press release she wrote and distributed following her second arrest for the public promotion of birth control.

With abortion and other forms of reproductive health care at risk, we can call upon ancestors, however imperfect, to guide us in our collective response. Emma was a powerful advocate of birth control and sexual freedom for women. Her refusal to comply with ridiculous and unjust laws is a roadmap for moments like this.

Interior text and design by Chava Shapiro.

Each zine folds out into a 11x17 poster. The interior of the zine also shows other historic photos of the original poster.

This zine is risograph printed by Spina/Novoa in Tucson, AZ. The zine is on a single sheet of 11x17 French Speckletone paper.

This month all poster proceeds go to the Tucson Abortion Support Collective. You can visit their website at https://www.abortionintucson.org

Arizona is a high-risk state when and if the Supreme Court follows through on the revocation of constitutional protection of reproductive health care access. Please consider routing resources and funds to those in high-risk states if you live somewhere that abortion will continue to be legal.