Elul 5783

Elul 5783


**Pre-order** Ships September 15, 2023

Our 4th installment of the annual Elul ancestors series focuses on five artists from the European Bauhaus, Dada, and Surrealist movements of the 20th Century.

Anni & Josef Albers were partners in both art and life. They created textiles together after training at the Bauhaus school.

Tristan Tzara was a founder of the Dada movement. He was a poet, performance artist, and visual artist.

Sonia Delaunay was a brilliant textile artist as well as painter. In 1923 she collaborated with Tristan Tzara and created the costumes and set design for one of his plays performed in Paris.

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy was another Dada-ist who combined his love of photography with typography and collage.

All of these artists were European Jews who spoke of their Jewish identity as something that was thrust upon them by antisemitism, but also as something that defined and inspired their works.

The poster is risograph printed on 11x17 recycled uncoated 100lb paper that allows the printing textures to shine in an orange ink. Each poster is then hand perforated, allowing you to separate and hang individually or to keep as a single piece.

Posters will be accompanied by a set of risograph printed stamps on speciality paper from the Portland Stamp Company. Stamp sets are approximately 3x5.

The posters will ship before Rosh Hashana (September 15).

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