5784 Calendar - A Year of Resistance

5784 Calendar - A Year of Resistance

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We made a calendar! It features quotes from Jewish thinkers and artists. The calendar marks Jewish time and has the Gregorian dates for reference. New moons and full moons are noted for every month. All Jewish holidays and a few others we deemed important are included.

Included in your purchase is a PDF of the zine size version you can print to share with your friends and loved ones for free! Bring a few to shul or the potluck.

The grid and featured featured typography was hand drawn by Chava Shapiro during a period of over caffeinating and day dreaming about the new year.

The calendars are printed on 8.5x11 paper that was rescued from certain doom during a cleaning purge of the WOMPS print space located in the BCC. Meaning, no two are exactly the same and we cannot guarantee a certain color way.

Each calendar is bound with a spiral coil. They might have a surprise bound inside them or something special stuffed in the envelope to say SHANA TOVA!

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